You have the option not only to declare the FBP on behalf of the employee but also have the option to update the FBP claims on behalf of the employee in case the employee is unable to update the claim for various reasons. 


On the Home Page click “Transactions”. 


Scroll down to Spend, Loan Management.     

Click “Flexible Benefits.   




  Click on “Update Employee Claims” Under “Workflow”. 




Enter the Employee “Code/Name”. 

The Annual LimitMonthly Limit, and Total Claims already applied are  displayed. 

Select the FBP Componentwhich you want to claim from the drop-down. 

Enter the notes/remarks/reasons in the “Notefield. 


Enter bill particulars (description)Bill no., Bill date, and Bill amount. 


Click Submit to apply for claims. 


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You can update any value up to the monthly limit.