We are pleased to announce that we have made some enhancements to the existing direct salary payments. We have strengthened the verification process for payments by adding additional validation checks.


Current ProcessUsers only needed to enter an OTP to initiate a payment. Once the OTP was entered, the bank would release the amount.


New Process: Now, users must enter a 4-digit token code in addition to the OTP. The payment will only be initiated and released after the OTP and token code have been successfully validated.


The 4-digit token code is generated within the ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking portal. To generate the token code, please follow these steps:


  • Navigate to Connected Banking>My Connected Banking Profile>Choose Paybooks under Aggregator.


  • Select Generate Token under Actions. Once you authenticate yourself with the OTP, a 4-digit token will be visible on the same screen.



  • Please note that this token will be valid only for 30 days and you will need to re-generate the token upon expiry.


  • Users can regenerate the token code within 30 days of expiry, by doing this, the old token will automatically expire and the new token created will be active.


Process: To initiate direct salary payment, the user must enter OTP and Token.

                 After verification, direct salary will be initiated.



Path:   https://apps.paybooks.in/bankpayment/DirectPayment.aspx

Please Note: You need to be logged into your Paybooks account to access the link.

A screenshot of a pay per click

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For more details on the Direct payment process, please click here.