We have now provided you with a new option where you can upload your employee’s leave request for half-day leave.

We have added a 'Half Day' column to the Leave Request Import Template, allowing you to upload half-day leave requests. 

Please Note:


For half-day leave, the 'From Date' and 'To Date' fields should match, and the same date should be entered in the 'Half day' column."

When half-day leave extends across two days, update the dates individually for each half-day.


 For example, if the leave request is for the 6th Dec 2nd half and 7th Dec 1st half, then two separate entries need to be updated:

i.e., 06/12/2023 should be entered in the “From Date” and “To Date” for the first half and 7/12/2023 likewise for the 2nd half in two different rows.


To know more on “How to import Leave Request” click here.