The first step in configuring leaves is to update the leave credit details.

Go to Settings.

Click “Leaves”.

Click the Add Leave button to add new leave types OR to edit existing leave types click on the View/Edit icon.


Enter the leave name in the NAME field and the Abbreviation, on adding new leave types.



The following details like leave credit, encashment rules, and applicability will be displayed.


Leave Credit Frequency: 


Select leave credit frequency i.e., Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly. This option would credit leaves balance based on the calendar days. 


 For Example: If you select the monthly option the leave credit will happen every month. If you select quarterly the leave credit will happen once every three months. 


Based on the DATE OF JOINING too you can select leave credit frequency. 


If you select “Days from Join Days”, you need to update the “No of days credit” column which will calculate the leave with effect from your date of joining. 


And choose “Leave Credit On” from the drop-down menu.

You have three options to choose when your leave should be credited.   


  • First Day- the leave will be credited on the first day of the month. 


  • Last Day- the leave will be credited on the last day of the month. 


  • On Pay Block - the leave will be credited once the payroll is locked. 


If you select the Leave Credit as “Days”, then you will have only 2 options i.e., First Day and Last Day. 

Credit is attendance dependent: If you choose “Yes” the leaves will be credited based on the attendance i.e., on a pro-rata basis. 


Proration is applicable for new joiners:  if you choose “Yes”, Leave credits will be prorated based on the Date of Joining. 


Enter the “Number of Days”.

Credit Type: Select Flat OR Slab. 

In case of credit type FLAT, Enter the number of days of leaves to be credited. 


You can use a slab to create a different number of days to be credited at each completed period/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly. 


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New joinee cut-off rule: Enabling this option if you want to create a separate rule for crediting the leaves in the month of joining for new hires. 

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Once you have updated all the details click the “Save” option.