Base days are a fixed number of days used in calculating various metrics, such as salary, leave entitlement, and service credit. The exact definition of base days varies depending on the context in which they are used. The use of base days can help standardize and simplify calculations.


Generally, salary is calculated based on the monthly calendar days, that is based on the days that are available in a month.

If it is January, then it gets prorated on 31 days ex: Salary/31* no. of worked days.


But if you want to overrule the calendar days, you have various options to customize base days according to your requirements.


To configure the same you need to go to


Setting >> Configure Rule >> Expand Advance Settings >> Select from the drop-down.


  • Actual Days in a Month
  • 30 Days
  • 31 Days
  • Base Days



Actual Days in a Month: The system will consider the base days based on the actual days in a month.

30 Days: Irrespective of actual days in a month, base days for all months will be considered as 30 days.

31 Days: Irrespective of the actual days in a month, base days for all the months will be considered as 31 days.

Base Days: On selecting Base Days, you need to click “Add Base Days”.   This will open another window and provide the option to update base days for every month as per your company policy.


For Ex., If you have set the base days for January as 22 days, then the calculation will be Salary/22*no. of worked days.


Pl Note: If you have entered Base Days for every month, it is applicable only for the current financial year.  When the new Financial Year starts, first you need to update the Base Days for all the months.


We have a few additional settings regarding Base days:

  • Location Wise Base Days
  • Exclude Weekly off from Base Days
  • Exclude Holidays from Base Days


If you check Location base days, then you will not have the other two options, but you will be able to define different base days for each location.  This option is applicable only if you have selected “Base Days”.


You have the option to select either. 

  • Exclude Weekly Off from Base Days or 
  • Exclude Holidays from Base Days or
  • Both


If you check both exclude weekly off and holiday from[PF1]  base days, the calculation in this case is as follows:


If there are 31 days in January, and you have excluded weekly off and holidays i.e., 9 days of Saturday & Sunday + 1 Republic Day = 10 days, then 31-10 = 21 days salary will get paid to employees.


NOTE: If Exclude from Weekly Off & Holidays options is not selected, then for new joiners and resigned employees’ salaries will be paid for the full month though base days are configured.