All employees can choose between the New Tax Regime or the Old Tax Regime depending on what is most suitable to them from a Tax planning point. By default, the New Tax Regime will be considered if they have not opted for any regime.

You can import the tax regime on behalf of your employees.

Click “Teams” on the Home Page


Scroll down to the “Employees” menu.

Click “Directory”.

Click “Employee Taxes”.

Click “View Declarations”.


To import the tax, click “Import tax option selection”.


Click “Download template here”.

Update the template with the tax regime by selecting the appropriate regime as specified by the employees.

Save the file to the local drive.


To import the file, click “Choose file”.

Click “Import”.

Click “OK”.

The tax regime is now updated. If you wish to check the updated information, you can generate the “Export Tax Selection option.” To learn more about the process, please click here.