We are excited to inform you of an additional feature we are launching to the Form 16 digital signature –We are providing more signing options for Form 16. Now you have more options to add your digital signature."

Previously you were provided with 4 options where you could have the digital signature image displayed page-wise on your Form 16.

We are glad to inform you that we have added two additional options to the existing ones which makes a total of 6 options.

 You can now choose the additional option of having the digital signature on the 

  • The second page of Form 16 
  • The second page and last page of Form 16

This new feature provides the following benefits:

Focus on Authentication: The last page of Form 16 contains the tax calculations. A digital signature here verifies the authenticity of these crucial financial details.  

Efficiency for Employers: Allowing digital signatures on specific pages simplifies the process for employers.

Focus on key sections: The second page contains income tax deposited details and the last page will have the tax calculation and TDS summary. By signing these pages, the employer emphasizes the validity of this critical information.


How to access and use this feature:

Navigate to Compliance> Income Tax > Reports > Manage Form 16

Please click the below link to learn how to access and use this feature.

How to upload Form 16 with digital signature: Help Center (freshdesk.com)

The added option of choosing specific pages for digital signature in the Form 16 feature is live now. Please contact our support team if you have any questions. We look forward to delivering more enhancements like this to make your payroll process smooth and efficient.

Thank you for choosing our payroll services!