We are excited to inform you of an additional feature we are launching to the leave module –the option of restricting the leaves taken by your employees in a week. 

Previously you could restrict the maximum leaves that can be taken in a particular month, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

We have now added the weekly option where you can define the maximum number of leaves that can availed by your employees in a week.

This new feature provides the following benefits:

  • Project Continuity: Limiting weekly leave can help ensure consistent staffing levels for ongoing projects. This can be crucial for teams working on deadlines or tasks that require continuous progress.
  • Coverage: By spreading out leave requests, employers can avoid situations where a key team member's absence disrupts operations entirely. This can be especially important in smaller teams.
  • Predictability: Knowing which days the employees are likely to be out can help managers plan workloads and delegate tasks more effectively.


How to access and use this feature: 

To create a new leave

Navigate to Settings > Leaves > Add Leave>Rules.

To update in the Existing Leave

Select the Leave > View/Edit > Rules.

To access the user manual, please click here.


The video is attached for your reference


The added option of restricting leaves taken in a week is live now. Please get in touch with our support team if you have any questions. We look forward to delivering more enhancements like this to make your payroll process smooth and efficient.

Thank you for choosing our payroll services!