To generate the created forms and letters to specific or a list of employees you can use the option Letters/Form- Create.


On the Home page click “Report”.

Click “Report Designer”.

Click “Letters/ Forms – Create”.

Select the Template from the drop-down menu.

Click “Next”

Select the “Employees”

Select the employees by either importing them or selecting them manually.

  1. Import Employees.
  2. Select employees.


1. Import employees.

Click “Download Template”.

Update the employee's details in the Excel Sheet 

Choose the file.

Click Import.


2. Select Employees


Select the employees by clicking “Select Employees”.

Select the Criteria and Type. 

Click “Add”.

Click “Get Employees”.

Once you select the Employees Click “Next”. 

Select “Generation Type” from the drop-down menu.

Select the “Year”.

Select the “Month”.

Click “Generate”.

Click “OK” and the document will be generated and saved to the employees’ ESS successfully. 



The document will be available in the employee’s ESS under profileàDocuments.

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To ensure the documents are made available in ESS, you need to enable the checkbox “Show in ESS” in Document Management.

Go to TransactionsàDocument ManagementàConfigureàCreate Documents.

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