Employee wise Revision 

Bulk Salary Revision

Process Arrears and Recovery

Arrears/Recovery payout Report

Arrears/Recovery Detailed Report

Employee wise Revision


Go to Employee menu >> More Tab >> Under Salary Revision Management >> click on Revision.


Enter Employee code and name to Search increment details of a particular Employee. Click on New to initiate the Increment process for the Employee wise.

After clicking on New, in the below screen, enter employee code and name, click on search to fetch employee details.

· Effective date: Select the effective pay revision date. Future date can’t be entered.

· Last increment date: Date of previous pay revision, if any, is displayed here.

· CTC based: If pay revision is on CTC which is formula based then enable the checkbox.

· Hike type: There are 3 ways to provide hike (Hike in %, New Value, Hike in Amount), choose any one as per the requirement.

o Hike in %:- Given the percentage of existing CTC will be added to derive New CTC. Ex: Existing CTC + 10% of Existing CTC = New CTC.

o New Value: Enter New CTC Value.

o Hike in Amount: Enter Difference of Projected CTC and Existing CTC.


· Basis value: Enter the values as per the hike type option, for rows like CTC, Variable Pay and FBP Amount.


Click on Calculate to view projected values as per the options are chosen.

Click on update employee master to save the modifications in the master data.


Note: In the current system, modifications to saved increments are not possible. Turn around is to delete the saved increments and raise another increment request. We are planning for an enhancement to allow modification. 

Bulk Salary Revision


Go to Employee menu >> More Tab >> Under Salary Revision Management >> Revision >> Click on Import

·Process month will reflect as Default ( Current month )


 >> Select any calculation type out of Hike in %, Hike in Amount and New Value from 

Calculation Type drop-down list.

· Increment can be done either CTC based or with a Adhoc Value. Select appropriate Increment 

Type from Increment Type drop down.


· Click on Generate Template to download the template.

· Enter the increment details in the template and save it on desktop.

· Browse the file using choose file option

· Click on Import to upload the template in to Paybooks.


Note:  Difference of entered CTC and sum of pay component will be automatically considered as special allowance.

Process Arrears and Recovery


Go to Employee menu >> More Tab >> Under Salary Revision Management >> click on Process Revision Arrears

· Select the month to be processed from Month dropdown.

· Select the location for which Increment should be processed from Location dropdown.

· To process employee wise, check the Employee wise check box.

· Click on Process to process Increment details for the selected month.


Arrears/Recovery payout Report


Go to Employee menu >> More Tab >> Under Salary Revision Management >> click on Revision Arrears Report

· Select the processing month from Month drop-down.

· Select the pay component for which Pay revision is granted from Pay Component drop down.


Click on Export to download the details in excel format


Arrears/Recovery Detailed Report

Go to Employee menu >> More Tab >> Under Salary Revision Management >> click on Revision Report

Enter the Period (From date & To Date) to fetch list of employees to whom, pay revision has been granted in that period.


To view pay revision details of one employee: 

· Enter employee code in “Employee Code“, field.

· Click on Search to fetch employee details.

· Click on View to preview Pay revision details of that employee.

· Click on Export to download the same details in excel format


You can also go through the video manual for Salary Revision process