Steps in Paybooks 2.0

Steps in Paybooks 1.0

Steps in Paybooks 2.0

You can update variable salaries for employees from Pay Adjustments page in run payroll wizard in any one of the 4 ways, i.e., Manually & Importer:

Manually there are 2 ways update, i.e., Employee-wise and Component-wise

Importer, there are 2 ways upload, i.e., Columnar Import and Row-wise Import


1. Employee-wiseSelect employees one by one and update variable salary components for them

Go to, Run Payroll >> Pay Adjustments and click on Employee-wise Pay Adjustment button

Enter employee’s name or code in the search bar and click on the search result containing employee searched for. Enter the amount of the variable salary component and click Save



2. Component-wiseSelect variable salary components one by one and update amount for all employees


Go to, Run Payroll >> Pay Adjustments >> click on down arrow next to Employee-wise Pay Adjustment and then click on Component Wise Pay Adjustment

Select the name of variable pay component from the drop down, enter the amount to be paid to employees and click on Save.


3. Importer: Import all variable salary components for all employees in a spread sheet template

Go to, Run Payroll >> Pay Adjustments >> click on down arrow next to Employee-wise Pay Adjustment and then click on Import Pay Adjustment OR Import Enhanced Pay Adjustment

Click on Download Template to download the template for importing data

Enter the amount in all variable salary components that need to be paid to employees, click on Choose File to upload the template and click on Import. 

Please follow the instructions given the Excel Template which is generated from the app.

Steps in Paybooks 1.0

To update components which are one time payable/deductible, like Bonus, Incentive, and Other Deductions etc… Go to Transaction menu > click on Manage pay adjustment


Select Month, Location and Salary Component from the drop down list

Search and select employee in the Employee Code/Name field

Enter the amount and click on Save button

Click on Import button option for bulk import

Select Month and Branch, Click on Generate Template to generate the excel template. Update the changes in the template and save the file on the local hard drive.

Click on “Choose File”, select the file from local hard drive and click on import.

NOTE: Please note that to use this option, lock pay (process > control > payroll) should be disabled/unchecked.