Loss of Pay (LOP) Adjustment is used to pay salary to employees or recover salary from employees if was deducted/paid incorrectly in the previous months.  

 To update the Loss of Pay (LOP) Reversal units,


Go to Transactions >> Leave Management and click on Loss of Pay Adjustment

Graphical user interface

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2. Click on New button to add new record.

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3. Enter Employee Code and click on “Get” button to fetch employee records


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4. Select Method i.e., Payment or Recovery

5. Select Processing Month (month in which you want to reverse LOP) 

6. Select Processed month (month in which LOP was deducted/paid incorrectly)


7. Click on Add button. 


8. After the records are added, click on “Process” to calculate the arrears/recovery

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Once this is done, the payment details will reflect in the same page, click on Save then “Run payroll” to view this calculation in Salary Statement.


9. To import in bulk for the employees LOP reversal please click on “Bulk import” as marked in 

 screen shot

Download the template and fill the details and import the excel sheet 


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