You can allocate a newly created pay component in salary structure of your employees by following the steps mentioned below:

It is a one-time activity and when new employee records are created, existing salary components will get automatically allocated.

Go to Settings >> Salary Components and click on Pay Allocation.

Select the Pay Component that you want to add in salary structure of employee(s), select the Month from which you want to add the pay component and select the BranchThe details of all active employees who don’t have that pay component added in their salary structures would be displayed


If you want to add the component to salary of resigned employees also, check the box next toResigned Employees to see even their names in the list.


3. By default, the boxes before names of all employees would be checked and if you want to add the selected pay component in salary structure of all these employees, click on ‘Save’. However, if you don’t want to add the pay component only to some employees, remove the check box before names of all other employees and then click on ‘Save’.


The pay component would be added in the salary structure of all selected employees.