Form 16 Generation


This document has shown the steps on below topics generate Form16 Part-A & Part-B, uploading digital signature in Form 16-A & B and Merging of Form16 Part-A & Part-B.


To generate the Form 16-B, ensure to enter IT information under Payroll Settings >> Company Profile >> click on IT Info tab >> Form16 Signatory Info, Name, Signatory’s Father Name, Address, Signatory designation, CIT (TDS), City and pin code etc.


After updating the above said details, Go to Transactions menu  >> Income Tax Compliance >> click on Generate Form 16 B


Click on Preview Form-16 Part-B, to preview the Form 16 Part-B before generating the same.


To generate the Form 16 Part-B, follow below steps:

Ø Search/Select the employees from the list by marking the check box and click on Generate Form 16 OR select All Employee page-wise to generate it in bulk

Ø To download the unsigned Form 16 for a particular employee click on the link in View column OR to download for a set of selected employees, select the employees from the list by marking the check box and click on Un-Signed button.

Uploading of Form-16 Part A

Go to Transactions  >>  Income Tax Compliance  >> click on Import Form 16 A


Ø Form 16 Part-A, PDF files downloaded from TRACES to be put in a folder and zipped, each zip file should not exceed 2MB.

Note 1PDF from Traces website will be generated in the format of PAN_2018-19(Assessment year)

       2: Copy all the PDF files into a folder >> Send to compressed to ZIP Folder (Folder Name should be Conjoined format Ex:PartA) 

Ø To upload the Form 16 A, select the zipped files by clicking on Choose File and click on Upload.

Ø Click on merge option to merge Form 16 Part A and Form 16 Part B.


To download Digitally Signed Form 16 Part A. for a particular employee or set of employees, select the employees from the list by marking the check box and clicking on Signed Forms links

Note: In our Application, there is no option to sign the form 16 Digitally, Instead Use third-party tool.(We recommend H&R Block).

Note: After merging Form 16-A & B download merged form 16 by clicking on Download multiple PDF’s button and upload these downloaded forms under Transactions menu >> Income Tax Compliance >> click on Generate Form 16 B , this merged Form 16 can be viewed by employees in their ESS login.