COA mapping

Go to Utilities menu >> in Manage Mapping >> Click COA Mapping


Select the Component and Map to respective component.

Example: - Basic to Basic, similarly map the rest components

Note: If the component is not available in the chart of account list, then select Add and Map account, by default the component will be mapped to respective components.

Token Issue

In COA towards “Quickbooks Account name menu” only “Select Account or Add and Map accounts” is displayed means it is token issue.

In such case, Kindly follow shared procedure

Note: Before following up the below mentioned process, Please logout Paybooks application and then re login to QuickBooks application.

    1:Please Go to Apps option under Quick Books account >> Under My apps>> Action >> Click on Disconnect and then Click on Confirm Disconnect option.

2:Then under Find Apps, please search for Paybooks cloud application and click on Get App now and click on Connect

3: Once it’s connected, Kindly check whether all components are mapped, if not map the components to respective chart of accounts and    save the same.

Note: To map the chart of accounts, kindly refer the process of COA mapping 

Once the same is done, kindly re process the payroll for respective month and JV will be posted successfully.

Note 1: JV will get posted only through super/master admin login credentials irrespective of Hr or using other login credentials.

2: If user gets the error message “ Pushing of Journal entry due to some of accounts are not mapped with Quick Books accounts. Please correct the entries or Token issue” In such case, check COA mapping were mapped correctly if not map the components to respective chart of accounts and save the same.