Compensatory-off, or Comp-off in short, refers to the Leave Adjustment or Encashment of Salary for the Employees for working on any Weekly-offs or on Holidays.

Workflow of Comp-off -

  • In the ESS portal, the Employee need to apply for Comp-off for working on a Weekly off or Holiday.
  • Once the Comp-off is raised by Employee, a mail will be triggered to the respective Reporting Manager (RM).
  • After the RM approves the Comp-off raised by the Employee, the Employee will get a Compensatory leave credit.
  • Then Employee can set-off Comp-off as either Leave Adjustment or Encashment.

1: Setting a Rule for Comp-off


Using this option, the admin user can set a Rule for Comp-off by following the below steps:

Go to Payroll Settings >> Configure Rule >>Click Advanced Setting >> Comp-off treatment.

There are 3 Options here:

  • Both: Set-off against pay-out or Leave can be opted
  • Set-off against leave: Can be adjusted to Leave alone
  • Pay-out – Comp-off can be paid out along with Salary; this can be either Flat or based on the formula mentioned in the component configuration (Comp off Encashment)

2: Setting Expiry days for the Comp-Off balance

Using this option, the admin user can set expiry period for comp-off balances

Go to Transactions menu >> under Comp off Management >> click on Configure Comp Off Rules.

Select the branch name in Branch drop-down, if the rules are different for each branch, then select each branch and configure accordingly.

Select category in Category drop-down, i.e., based on Designation, Department, Level, Cost Center. Category once selected and saved cannot be reverted.

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate weekdays, if the employee works in week-days.

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate week-off, if the employee works on any week-offs.

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate holiday off, if the employee works on any holidays.

 Select the type of expiry either it should get expire from the Worked date or from the Approved date, based on selected value system starts counting expiry days.

 After entering the entire details click on Apply button, all these rules will be applied to the selected branch and category of employees, which can be viewed in grid list.

Expiry days can also be altered for selected categories separately, in the grid list.

 To allow en-cashing of comp off balance for selected categories, enable en-cash comp-off option.

 After entering all the details click on Save to capture the defined configurations.

3: What is Comp-off Encashment?

Compensatory leave is taken as an Encashment of salary for working on a Weekly-off or a Holiday; in such cases, a Component “Comp-off Encashment” should be created and allocated to the Employees

How to create comp off component?

To create the components, please go to Settings >> Salary components >> click “New

The configuration of components is as under.

Comp-off Payout
Comp-off Payout
Paid Component
Tax Status
Flat / Formula
Map To
Round-off Value
Nearest to INR 1/-
Component Type
Is FBP component?
Attendance Dependent
Part of CTC
FFS component


If the calculation type is updated as “Formula” in the above configuration, then update the precise formula in the formula field as per the HR policy.


Once created and configured as above, these need to be allocated to all the Employees.✆✆/4000060349-how-to-allocate-a-pay-component-in-salary-structure-of-employees-

4: After allocation, payment of Comp-off will be processed against the Employees’ request on set-off against Payout. It will be encashed according to the rules defined while processing payroll and the same will reflect in Payslip of the Employees.

Go to Employees menu >> More tab >> under Leave Management >> click on Comp-off Payouts link.

  • Default current month is fetched in Process month field.
  • In Filter field choose either Pending or Processed.
  • Select Pending to payout the pending comp-off.
  • Select the employee to whom the comp-off to be payable.
  • In Calculated Amount column by default amount will calculated automatically based on the formula defined in the Salary Component and it will reflect here, to override enter new amount in the Amount column, Click on Save

Once completed the above process select Processed in Filter fieldto see already processed comp-off.

Note:Once processed the comp-off, it will not allow any modifications.

4: How to upload Comp-off Credit Balance?

Using this option admin user can import Comp-Off Balance of employees in bulk on behalf of employees if in case employees are unable to do so from their ESS login.

Also, this option will help to store/maintain legacy data of previous months comp-off balance details in the initial setup of your company in Paybooks.

To import Comp-Off balances, Go to Utilities menu >> under Legacy Import  >> click on Import Comp-Off link.

Generate the excel template and in the generated template, fill comp-off details for different dates and units has to be 0.5/1 day and import the file.


Use Cases:

1. Seamlessly data can be imported for previous leave years as well during implementation stage this would be of much help.

2. If any of the comp off balance is not utilized by employee and balance has got expired, then admin user can import the comp off balance through this importer.


5: What is Comp-off Set-off?

Admin users can adjust the comp off on behalf of employees towards Leaves and Leave Encashment, which is based on the configuration done under.

Go to Payroll Setting >> Configure rules >> expand Advanced Setting>> Comp off treatment.

Here in the CompOff-SetOff page, against each comp off records Expiry Date can also be viewed, of the comp off days.

Refer below steps to do the Comp Off-Set Off.

Go to Transactions menu >> under Leave/Time Management >> click on Approve comp off request link


  • Search and select employee in Code/Name to view list of approved comp off records of selected employee.
  • In Adjust column, against each comp off record, click on links.
  • Request Payment: To apply for leave encashment.
  • Add to Set Off: To apply for leaves to be taken
  • without the Manager’s consent.

Note: Comp Off Leaves and Comp Off Leave Encashment adjusted on behalf of employees would be directly posted as approved records without manager’s consent.