Compensatory-off, or Comp-off in short, refers to the Leave Adjustment or Encashment of Salary for the Employees for working on any Weekly-offs or on Declared Holidays.


Based on the Company policy, the Comp off can be availed as leave or it can be paid out.

To apply for Comp off, follow the below steps:

On the Home Page click the “Menu bar”.

Click on “Comp-off”.



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 Click on the “Plus +” Icon to apply for a new comp-off.



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 Enter the date on which you have worked (holiday/weekly off) and select the number of Days given in the dropdown. 

Mention the reason. 

Click “apply”.


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The Reporting manager will approve /reject the same in the approvals section of the reporting manager’s ESS. 

Once approved, you can either Request Payment or Request Leave against the comp off.




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If you would like to request for leave, 

Click request for leave.

Select the date.

Select the full day or half day i.e. first session or second session as applicable.

Mention the reason and click "apply for leave".



If you select request for payment, then the salary for the approved days will be processed.


Pls note: If the company policy has either only leave or only payment as compensation, then only one option will be displayed.