The Reporting Manager is the person to whom an employee directly reports and takes instructions/advice from them. The Reporting Manager is above the employee in the organization’s hierarchy.


Reporting Managers will have access to Approve/Reject Leaves & Reimbursement requests raised by their subordinates in ESS.


The following requests can be approved/declined by the Reporting Manager.

  • Leaves- Leave Requests made by the employees.
  • Comp Off-Compensatory off requests either as payment/compensatory off
  • Expense-reimbursement claims made by the employees.
  • Shift-Shift Change requests made by the employees.
  • Attendance-Time Stamp Change Requests made by the employees.


Only if you are a reporting manager you will have the “approval” option when you log into ESS.


To know more, log into ESS


Click the three lines on the menu bar.

Click “approvals”.





You will be able to see different approvals which can be done from the drop down.






The general process for approval /decline is as follows:

  • The employees apply for requests like leave, expense, shift, and comp off.

  • A notification is sent to the Reporting Manager via email that the reportees have applied for the specific request. Simultaneously, the employee also receives the email on the request raised.

  • The Reporting Manager will approve /decline the request either directly through the email notification or log into ESS and accordingly approve/decline the request.

  • An email notification will be sent to your reportees that you have approved/declined the claim and the request will be processed accordingly. 

  • All notifications received and approved/declined can be viewed on the right-hand side of the home page in ESS under “Notifications”.


For more details on each of the approvals, refer to the below links:

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