Form 16 is a document Generated by the Income Tax Department and provided by the employer to employees, summarizing their salary and tax payments.

It contains two parts:

  • Part A
  • Part B

Part A contains details like

  • Information of the Employer and Personal Information of the Employee
  • The Assessment Year- the year in which the Income is getting assessed.
  • The period of employment with the current employer in that financial year.
  • Summary of the salary paid.
  • Date of tax deducted and date of tax deposited with the Income-tax Department.
  • Summary of tax deducted and deposited every quarter.
  • Acknowledgment number of the TDS Payment


Part B contains details on the salary paid, any other income reported by the employee and the amount of tax due.

It highlights the following:

  • Total Salary Paid
  • Exemptions allowed.
  • Gross Income
  • Income / Loss from House Property
  • Deductions made from Salary towards Chapter 6 A
  • Net Taxable Salary
  • Income Tax
  • Surcharge if applicable.
  • Education Cess
  • Rebate under Sec 87 if applicable
  • Relief under Sec 89 if applicable
  • Total tax payable 

The employees can download the Form 16 from ESS.

To download the Form 16

Login to “ESS”.

Scroll down and click the "Tax Planning" option.


Select the year from the drop-down.

Click the "download icon" to download the Form 16.


Please note you can also access Form 16 in ESS under Reports.

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