1. Download payroll register


The pay register which contains a complete breakup of all earnings and deductions for all employees should be downloaded.

Check if the calculations are correct and if all inputs are considered.

 If you need to make corrections, you can re-run payroll after making corrections, else, you can proceed and publish the pay slips to employees


2. Post Journal voucher entries in Zoho Books accounts


You need to post the journal voucher (JV) entries for payroll transactions in Zoho Books for accounting if integrated with Zoho Books.


3. Create employee self-service login for new hires

You need to create a login for the employee self-service portal for new hires so that they can start viewing the pay slips and other reports.


4. Publish payslip


You will need to publish pay slips to enable employees to view their pay slips in ESS (Employee Self-Service). 

If you have not enabled the ESS access, you can download or print pay slips or email pay slips to those employees.


5. Download PF, PT, and ESI reports for filing


You need to download PF, PT, and ESI reports, and upload them to the respective government websites, for statutory payments and filing.


6. Download the Income tax report (24Q) at the end of each quarter


You need to download the TDS report 24Q containing income tax deductions of employees and upload TDS 24Q to the government website.


7. Download Bank Statement


You will need to download bank statements containing the net salary to be paid to your employees and upload them to your corporate bank account so that your employees' salary is credited. 


8. Generate full & final settlement reports for employees leaving the company


You need to generate a full & final settlement report containing the final amount to be paid to employees or to be recovered from them, on their exit.