This feature is used to update resigned employee and to do processing of Full and Final settlement for resigned employee.


Go to Employees menu >> click on Manage Exits

  • Click on Add Employee button to create/mark an existing/active employee as resigned.
  • Search the resigned employee by Code/Name and select.
  • Enter the Resignation/FFS Date & Last Working Date of the employee
  • Enter the Remarks, Select Reason for leaving & ESI Remarks
  • Select Pay Process Type
  • Select checkbox Is Settled? If full & final is already processed

Click on Save to save resigned details and click on List button to process Full & Final.

Once the resigned employee is added, that record can be seen in the grid list.

In the grid list Action column, click on Edit button, to make changes in the resigned employee record.

In the grid list Action column, from Edit button drop down, click on Cancel option, if any employee has to be made active again.

 In the grid list Action column, from Edit button drop down, click on Process option, to process settlement.

To do any correction in resigned details, click on View/Edit.
Click on Process icon to do Full & Final settlement processing

Enter F&F Process Date

In this page, user can also view information’s related to Income Tax Declaration and the pending applications of Leave, Comp Off, FBP Claim & Reimbursement


LOP Details: LOP days will be fetched automatically, if there are leaves applied in LMS & Bio-Metric in this fieldusers can also enter the LOP days manually.


Leave encashment:

  • Automatically earned leave data will get fetched from leave management module and leave encashment amount would be calculated, if you are using (LMS) leave management system.
  • Encashment amount will get calculated based on formula entered in leave encashment component and leave configuration.

Note: System also allows overriding the leave encashment amount.



  • Actual Pending amount: Employee’s pending loan amount will get displayed in this field
  • Deduction Amount: In this field, user can enter/override the loan amount to be deducted.


FBP Unclaimed:

  • FBP Actual Unclaimed Amount: Employee’s FBP Unclaimed amount will get displayed in this field.
  • FBP Unclaimed Amount: In this field, user can enter/override the FBP Unclaimed amount manually.


Notice Pay/Recovery

  • Pay: Select this option if there is any notice period payable by employer
  • Recovery: Select this option if there is any recovery from employee.
  • Enter the Notice Period (days), based on the days entered in this field, system will calculate Actual Notice Amount
  • Notice Amount: In this field user can enter/override the Notice Amount manually.

Note: Notice pay and Notice recovery component should be created, only then the amount will appear in FFS report. 

To know how to create Notice Pay/Recovery component click here.


  • System will automatically calculate Gratuity based on employees DOJ. Calculated Years and Amount can be seen in Actual Gratuity Period (Years) & Actual Gratuity Amount.
  • In fields Gratuity Period (Years) & Gratuity Amount, user can enter/override the amounts manually
To know how to create gratuity component click here.

After entering all fields click on Process Settlement button.

In Process Pay Settlement Page, user can enter/update, any variable one time payable/deductible amounts, in Adjustment Column

Click on Next button to preview FFS.

Check/Validate whether all the information is correct and click on save, else go back to previous pages, edit/update the correct details if there are any corrections.


Click on Report, to generate FFS Report.